Sunday, May 24

Good morning Church,

I am very excited about our newest recording from yesterday, and I truly believe it is the best so far. You have to watch it! Lisa Miller went out of her way to pair recordings with images of our choirs, some recent, some from years past, as well as beautiful art work. It is Choir Sunday at St. Peter’s, and several members of our “grounded” adult choir participated in the recording for the service yesterday afternoon. There is a beautiful guest contribution from Kimberly A. (Stephanie and Tom’s daughter) who grew up at St. Peter’s and now is a professor for choral music at a liberal arts college in Michigan. She sings all four choral parts herself in her basement; they are blended together in the video. It’s quite a feat. Then we have some references for this weekend’s Memorial Day Celebrations. The postludes include taps, played by Alan B. on the trumpet and a rendition of “My Country tis of Thee,” again with images from veteran’s cemeteries and the like. As always, I would like to thank all who gave of their time and participated in the recording, and especially Kirsten for the selection of music and Lisa for a lot of extra hours to make this special.  And just to keep track: this is the 11th Sunday of the Quarantine. In our Liturgical Calendar it is the 7th and last Sunday of Easter.  This Sunday’s service will be posted no later than 9:00 a.m. this morning on our website and Facebook page. Enjoy!

At 11. a.m. this morning I invite you to join me for a Virtual Church Social. 

We thank you so very much for your ongoing support and your contributions. You can use the church envelopes and send them in or you can use the online giving option below, which is also featured on our website. THANK YOU!

Be safe and be well,

Pastor Andreas Wagner