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Haiti Revisited

Image Friday, Apr 24, 2015
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

This is about my vision for a global partnership with Food for the Poor. Please let me know what you think, folks!

Most of you know that I went on a mission visitation trip to Haiti in late February, something that profoundly touched me.  I shared with our council at our April meeting that I feel drawn to doing more and engaging our congregation in a ministry with a global reach.  I know that I can sometimes push ahead with pioneer energy when I strongly believe in something, not looking back and just marching ahead, but I'd sincerely like some feedback, support and people's input (whether I like it or not!).

First of all, I really like the organization that invited me on this trip in February, "Food for the Poor." You may check out their website,  I like the fact that they operate in a part of the world that is not terribly far away from us (Caribbean and Central America) yet sometimes worlds apart in terms of quality of life. I like the fact that they have received very high ratings from Ministry Watch. I like the fact that they collaborate with a broad Christian base of churches.  And there is more to like.  So, to make a long story short, I would like to partner with them.

Here is what I have in mind: I spoke to Kevin Mayne, one of their church relation staff who went with us on the trip. He will provide us with addresses and contacts to the places we visited and also inquire about their current needs. In the month of May I would like to organize a care package drive with our Social Ministry Team, Thrift Store volunteers, Sunday School or youth and whoever would like to participate. We could even involve our Korean congregation. One of the places I saw was run by Korean sisters. We can send those packages through Food for the Poor, which reduces the shipping costs significantly.

Also, I'd like to form a small team with people who have a heart for other cultures and would like to be the "steering wheel" for St. Peter's when it comes to this ministry and any future activities. I already spoke to a few people about this and eventually this could be a "subdivision" (I hate those technical terms!) of our Social Ministry Team.  I also dream about a mission trip for 2016 that could lead us to one of their operations in one of the countries they serve. St. Peter's has done and is still doing a lot of wonderful charitable work in our local area, but I feel strongly that God is calling us to look beyond our own borders and recognize and support our brothers and sisters abroad. I also don't want to divert these energies in a lot of different directions (as you know, you can get easily lost in this world and its needs!), but build a strong partnership with one organization. Let me know what you think, please!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Andreas Wagner  

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