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We Belize!

Image Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

We Belize!

This will be the motto for our first Global Mission service trip from February 18-25, 2017.  Our group will consist of 15 people of all ages.

We are going to Belize to partake in Jesus’ mission, which is always respectful, loving, generous and unselfish. We are planning two specific projects: the construction of a community garden and chicken coops for the sustenance of the people’s physical needs; and a Vacation Bible School with about 100 children for the nourishment of their souls. We are looking forward to partner with the local Pentecostal church and the people in Maya Mopan village. We go with the expectation to learn, share, give and receive.

During our first two planning sessions, we identified the many gifts and talents on our team. We will conduct one corporate fundraiser with T-Shirts and corporate logos promoting this service trip. We will also invite our friends and families from church and beyond to a 20% Tex-Mex lunch fundraiser in February. The moneys we raise will replenish our Mission Service Fund, which enables us to support mission-service trips every year. Most of our travelers pay the entire expenses out of pocket, but the fund allows us to support some with a stipend that covers a small part of the expenses.   

We are also looking to engage the congregation in some way in January and February as we prepare to go on our trip.  The theme of our VBS in Belize will be an exploration of the Holy Trinity. Sounds abstract? We will be very practical about it! And we will ask some of you, adults and children to pray for us and send some messages to the children in Maya Mopan village, Belize. For sure, the spirit of God works across borders all the time. We hope you can be with us in spirit. We Belize!

Pastor Andreas Wagner

 (and Bernie, Martha, Henry, Michele, Matt, Marissa, Robin, Cate, Allie, David, Terry, Ann, Jean, Jennifer)       

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