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We Belize! Update

Image Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

In a few weeks from today (on February 18), our group of thirteen people will embark on a mission service trip to Belize...

Our group is comprised of people of all ages: early retirees, teenagers, mid-life folks; the group includes members of St. Peter’s as well as friends.  The “We Belize!” team has been diligently preparing to lead a Vacation Bible School with about 80-100 children in the little village of Maya Mopan, south of Dangriga.  We are also preparing to construct a large chicken coop that will stay with people in the village, complete with little chicks.

You can participate in our mission adventure in spirit and with your support in several ways: by praying for our group; by donating items that we will transport to Maya Mopan (see lists below); by joining us at the Tex Mex fundraiser lunch on February 12, or by sending a message to the community in Belize. In a world that often seems divided by geography, status, race, religion and what not, these kinds of experiences function as bridge builders, reminding us that we are all God’s children and share the same basic human heritage. It seems to me more important than ever, - despite the fact that we fool ourselves easily, believing that the world has become a village.  Has it really?

We have planned this trip through the St. Peter’s Global Mission Team (Spot) and in partnership with Praying Pelican Missions (PPM), an organization headquartered in Minnesota. They focus on enabling churches to do mission trips. PPM set up our contacts in Belize. We will meet with Pentecostal pastor Catarino Teul, his family and congregation, and sleep in the modest local church building. Our local guides will be Herman and Marion Blese. They will also provide all transportation for us. So many things have been prepared and are still in the preparation stage, but we fully expect a certain culture shock effect once we are there.

It will be great to serve Christ with some of our brothers and sisters south of the US border.  After five days of traveling and work, we will cap off the trip at Caye Caulker island and return (most of us) on February 25 and 26.  I am scheduled to be back early in the morning of February 26 at Philadelphia Int. Airport, just in time to catch a few hours of sleep and be in church to share our experiences with you.  The sending ceremony for our group will be on February 12 at the 10 a.m. service. Join us! Below is some more information about prayers and donations that can help us.  

 Pastor Andreas Wagner    We Belize!


Donations for Belize: (no later than Feb 12)

Light summer clothing

Sneakers and flip flops

Soccer balls and jumping ropes

Hard candy, school supply

Hygiene products


Prayer Requests (always!)

For our travel safety

For the Maya Mopan community

That God’s spirit may be felt

For communication and understanding

For patience and love!

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