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We Belize, four days prior

Image Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

Four days before the trip...

We Belize!


Thanks to our friends and neighbors from Alice Bakery who donated our cake last Sunday!  They did a beautiful job with the logo.  The Tex Mex Connection lunch was also very well attended and the restaurant will donate 20% of the lunch bills. We appreciate all that support from our local businesses here in North Wales. Thanks also to all people who donated items that we will take with us to Maya Mopan village!

Our group is ready to go to Belize this Saturday, Feb 18.  Expect to hear more from us via this blog and Face Book posts.  Please pray for our safety and that we may feel God’s presence throughout this adventure.

Pastor Andreas Wagner  

A big thank you to our sponsors, view list here.

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