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Who let the Rooster out?

Image Sunday, Feb 19, 2017
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

Our first day and night in Belize.

Who let the rooster out?




Some things you simply forget. For instance, the vocal presence of animals in the rural areas of less industrialized countries. Roosters, who hold voice and noise competitions starting at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Not just one, not just two or three, no, there must be a big feathery fellow jockeying for dominance and bragging rights behind every house in the neighborhood! Stray dogs are wandering the streets. And there are turkeys next door too. Lots of interesting sounds! There is one species absent so far that we haven’t particularly missed: mosquitos.  

We just spent our first night on the floors of this small Pentecostal church in Maya Mopan village. The building really hasn’t been finished. We are sleeping on our matresses on concrete ground and share one bathroom and shower – a concrete casing that was stilling without a shower curtain when we arrived. Some of our women noticed the absence of a mirror…

Our hosts are very gracious and interesting people. Herman and Marian are a young Belizean couple who work for Praying Pelican Missions and are also very active in churches here as youth ministers. They met in high school and married six years ago, even though the two still look like they’re in their early twenties. Our group, not wearing the designated T-Shirts, first walked by our hosts, but eventually we connected. They speak very good English. Carlos, the driver, pulled up a bulky yellow school bus that was probably used in the US in the 1970’s. And off we went, across rugged but decent roads, driving for one and a half hours into the sunset of a warm and humid day with increasingly sweaty skin under our clothes.

Pastor Teul’s family had prepared a delicious simple dinner with chicken legs, salad and mac n’ cheese. We are only drinking purified water, supplied in five gallon jars provided by our guides. The pastor who has led this church for the last 40 years or so, has recently passed on the ministry to his daughter Ara. She was soon off to lead another service. We are curious to find what worship and Sunday school is like this morning. And we will do house visits and meet the people of this community later this afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers!  Maybe I will wear ear plugs tonight!

Pastor Andreas Wagner

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