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Image Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

A group of eleven people from St.  Peter's is on a mission service trip at Maya Mopan village in Belize this week. Read our pastor's daily blog...

So, on Monday we went to work seriously and started the chicken coop project in the yard of a family home. That meant digging eight holes, two feet deep, with only a few available tools at hand. It meant braving the sun and the humidity, trying to keep sun screen on and drinking a lot of water. For me? It meant sweating like crazy, a human dripping machine, soaked as on a hot and humid August day in North Wales without air conditioning. Our project managers Henry and Dave miscalculated a few times and we kept remeasuring the distances from post to post – horizontal and diagonal. After all, we wanted to leave this place a decent looking chicken coop worthy of our best efforts, and we will. The person in our group who amazed me most during this morning activity was Jean Prindle. One of our most senior group members, she was right in the middle of the activity, building the door frame, looking as graceful as ever - and not breaking a sweat!!!

How fair is that?

We finished the heavy-duty digging and post setting work in the early afternoon and went back to the church around the corner.  Some in our group got nervous about Vacation Bible School. It’s not like we are doing this every week. Most of us are not teachers. Would the children show up?  Would the crafts and the lessons have the right time allotment?  Oh, you know how we work ourselves up with those things. The culture here is much more relaxed and much less organized. We quickly realized that we would have a crowd when kids started showing up as early as 4:00 p.m. – the time when VBS was supposed to start! And they kept coming, kept our little registration table busy for the next 45 minutes. About 100 children came on the first day.

It was crazy!!!

Allison Gross did a wonderful job going around and teaching crafts. Thank God for Herman who can keep a crowd of children entertained with funny, goofy songs and lots of movement. My favorite was the baby shark song. This Vacation Bible School reminded me so much of my days in the inner city of Philadelphia when we had lots of folks from Latin and Central America and when things tended to be both spirited and chaotic. It was nice to see though that many of the children who were quieter at first, opened up and got into it. Our little teaching teams “ploughed through,” as Herman put it. I did some fake arm pressing with some of the boys, which they loved, and Terri recorded several of us dancing to Herman’s crazy song movements. Oh yes, and we talked about God the Father and what the characteristics of a good father are. 

It was a very busy day and night time found us exhausted, wanting to go to “bed” early. I felt like a rich man, because I brought a big, electrical blow-up mattress. It’s all the rage on our sleeping quarters… It was a good day and we hope to continue VBS in the same spirit and with some tweaks today.  You bet we pray that we don’t get a whole lot more children later this afternoon. Because leaving someone out is not an option in this village. That open door is a powerful symbol that can’t be messed with. And so we don’t. Of course, we don’t.

Pastor Andreas Wagner

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