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I almost frell through the roof!

Image Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

A group from St.  Peter's is conducting a mission service trip this week. Here is our pastor's daily blog.

Yesterday we finished our chicken coop project a day early, which means we get to see one of the Mayan sites today. We are all very pleased with how the finished product looks. I think it’s a three-star hotel for 38 chicks of various sizes, populating it as of this morning. I have been on many mission service trips over the years, and this has been very good. We managed to be efficient, using our timeand volunteer power in smart ways to get it all done.  While Dave, Henry and I worked on the metal roof, the women put up the chicken wire. The roof was built with 14 feet galvanized metal sheets (very thin), which is a common choice around here. I tested the flexibility of the roof and the underlying wood strips (thin at points) as I fastened the last screws. Apparently at one point the roof caved in considerably under my weight and we had a near little collapse.

During break time I spoke with Pastor Manuel Teol and his family. “Teol” or “Tiol” are common names with Mayan ancestry around here. He pastored that church for over 40 years while working as a farmer, raising corn, beans and other common crops, and selling it in the community.  His daughter is now the “pastora,” but she also works a regular job and just recently finished a degree in business.     

We had another big day of Vacation Bible School with more children than we could comfortably handle. The kids liked the crafts that Allison, Robin and others carefully prepared.  We were treated to a round of spontaneous singing by a group of girls after dinner. They just kept on singing and singing, one church song after another.  Very good, very pure, and very moving!     

We are glad that we can do a little something useful here while we are guests in this community. Incidentally, while we were finishing the chicken coop today, workers also finished installing windows in the church. As a result, everything was a bit dusty last night. Clean-up will be in order on our last day.  

The chicks moved in this morning.

Pastor Andreas Wagner

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