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Image Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

A group from St.  Peter's is conducting a mission service trip at Maya Mopan village in Belize this week. Here is the pastor's daily blog...

On Wednesday, we visited one of the Mayan sites in Belize, the ancient ruins of Xunantunich, near the Guatemalan border. Our guide was an animated elder gentleman who has been doing this for many decades and, - as we could tell, with much pride. Apparently, the ruins were first discovered in the late 19th century. More recently, a team from ULCA did a lot of excavating and preserving of the site. It’s always fascinating to me to imagine a civilization that once cultivated these forests, people adept in mathematics and astronomy, who developed sophisticated social hierarchies and built impressive stone structures. Many people in this part of the world have Mayan roots. Belize, which was once called British Honduras, is probably one of the lesser known countries with Mayan roots, but we were lucky enough to see one such site and climb on top of this impressive structure, which once was a city of several thousand people.

Our last Vacation Bible School Day last night was probably the best one. Every day we experimented with a few new tweaks to help us deal with the large numbers of children in such limited space as the church could provide. I think we had between 110 and 120 kids yesterday.  How happy we were to have such a wonderful Christian worship leader and entertainer in our guide Herman and his wife Marian. I invited them to come and join us for Vacation Bible School at St.  Peter’s in the third week of July. How much fun that would be!  I repeated it often enough that they know by now that I am dead serious. Hopefully they can get visas!

We had a wonderful “last supper” with our hosts. The meal portions usually consisted of a very small piece of chicken, beans or rice and some other vegetable.  But yesterday it was a whole barbecued chicken leg!  It was so good to live on smaller portions every day and realize that our way of eating is not the norm.  Then followed another two-hour church service in which we also shared some “testimonies” from our experience. As nighttime fell, we were exhausted and looking forward to the last portion of our trip: Caye Caulker island. That’s where we are now, surrounded by palm trees, soaked in sun and, no, I don’t want to make you jealous!

We had a wonderful trip, and we are just enjoying a little bit of time together here.  See you, hopefully, on Sunday! I am putting together a slide show of our first global mission service adventure, a successful one!

Pastor Andreas Wagner

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