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Giving Up Complacency

Image Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

This is our motto for the Season of Lent in 2018 here at St.  Peter's...

I have always been a big advocate of giving something up for Lent, something that bears a remote semblance to “fasting.” We live in such affluence when it comes to food. Our biggest societal problem with food seems to be obesity and keeping healthy diets. And so, I am giving something up for Lent again. This year it’s my beloved bread – in all shapes and forms. It’s nothing like real fasting I admit, but it forces me to change and take this season of Lent seriously.    


For our church this Lent will be observed under a more idealistic motto. We encourage you to give up complacency. We ask you to pray and act on your beliefs. We ask you to examine your lifestyle and make your voice heard. And we invite you to some events that will further help you think about faith and life style choices, faith and advocacy, faith and action. 


The first one will be on Friday, February 23, featuring the life and message of Dorothy Day, to be held at the home of one of our parish families. If you are interested in attending, please give us a call at 215-699-4604. Dorothy Day is often described as a present-day saint. Together with Peter Maurin she founded the Catholic Worker Movement. Day was one of the most influential American women of the 20th century, fighting for Social Justice and devoting her life to ease the plight of the poor. She discovered her faith as a young adult. Her life was rooted in prayer and filled with action.


On March 4, we invite you to a Lenten Climate Talk with Quaker author Eileen Flanagan at 11:30 a.m. at our church. A graduate of Duke and Yale, Eileen Flanagan is the award-winning author of three books and scores of articles. In addition to helping people to make their activism more effective through her online courses, she speaks to international audiences on topics ranging from personal empowerment and spirituality to climate justice. She is the board chair of Earth Quaker Action Team, which uses nonviolent direct action to work for a just and sustainable economy.


Finally, we invite you to our Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, March 10, starting at 9:00 a.m. We will begin with breakfast. Afterwards, the adults will engage in prayer through several easy to follow instructions and exercises.  The children, meanwhile, will assemble several kits for people in disaster- stricken areas, which will reach needy communities through World Church Services. Please come and join us!


Have a blessed season of Lent!


Pastor Andreas Wagner 


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