St. Peter's Blog
Sunday, Sep 7, 2014
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

I enter truly dangerous territory when I, a pastor, approach my work from a customer service perspective. Many of my colleagues and Christian lay leaders would protest and say: "NO! You can't look at church like that! Church people are not customers who come to be served but disciples who are called to serve others." It's the Christian version of the famous JFK appeal, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but..."

Sunday, Aug 31, 2014
Author: Pastor Andreas Wagner

Is it allowed to use the "h" word in a church context or newsletter? I have never been a big user of swear and strong words, not before my pastoral training and not now, even when I am in "safe" distance from church folk. And believe me, when that happens, every once in a great while, my daughter Sarah acts as my eternal conscience. "Should you say that, pa? You're a pastor!" "Thanks, Sarah! Thanks for reminding me!" But, as I tried to explain to her, sometimes there are few other words in our human vocabulary that describe as aptly what we're going through than words which are at least borderline bad. I really had one "h" of a summer, and not in the positive sense that this phrase often jocularly carries.

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