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BaSic Night at the Bance home

Thursday, January 10, 2013, 7:00 pm

"Joel Osteen and His Message"

Description: Mega Churches have changed the landscape of American religion and Christianity. At a time when main line churches lose appeal, mega churches draw huge numbers of people with a unique mix of entertainment, savvy, positive messaging, consumer friendliness and technology. Originally, this session was supposed to give an overview of different mega churches, but in the interest of a more in-depth look, we will focus on Joel Osteen on this night. The presentation will include video clips, background information and critical reflection.  Of course, there will be room for discussion.

Leader: Pastor Andreas Wagner  


BaSIC offers an informal setting for conversations about God and the

Bible.  Hosted in the various homes of our church members. BaSIC meetings are meant to bring people together around our Book of Faith in a setting that is conducive to fellowship and sharing. 

There will be refreshments offered by the hosts.  Each study will be led by one or two leaders.

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