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SNAC teen night

Sunday, October 13, 2013, 5:00 pm

Mark your calendars and join us!

Snac(k) stands for Sunday Night at Church.

It is a program with and for our teens that combines fellowship, learning and faith exploration.

Snac(k) takes place every third week on a Sunday night from 5-7 p.m.

October 13:  Generic   Preparation for Community Teen night in November

November 3:  North Wales Youth Night

Faith Practice:  Invite, Worship   In charge: Andy Baker, Robin Alderfer, Jessica Brenfleck, Isabelle Michaud

Description: We are trying to get together youth groups from all major churches in North Wales, mainly St. Peter's, St. Rose of Lima, the Church of the Messiah and Sanctuary. This event will be hosted at St. Peter's and will start with a joint worship and a mixed youth band. Lots more food, icebreakers and things to enjoy together...   

   November 24:  Rock Climbing Event

Faith Practice: Encourage    In charge: Jackie Botto, Pastor

Description: Hey, we wanted to do this last year and then came the Super Bowl... So we are climbing way before February this time. We will go to a rock climbing place and encourage one another to test our agility and strength. You don't have to be a monkey to participate. Watch out for possibly different times and arrangements on this night…


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