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Summer Worship Service

Sunday, July 20, 2014, 9:30 am

Jazz Sunday

July 20th marks the 30th annual July Jazz worship at St. Peter’s.  What began as a one time event about which there was some uncertainty and hesitation has become a three decade long valued tradition.  It seemed that the spirit for worship with jazz had gained some traction the year Bob Benner and Mae Dannenhouer led the line dancing during the final hymn. (Ask an old head why that was such a momentous event.) Over the years St. Peter’s has embraced the vitality that various forms of music can bring to the worship experience:  Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Gospel (traditional and contemporary), Spiritual, Salsa, Reggae, African chant, as well as the traditional forms from Plainsong to Bach to Classics to today’s liturgical composers.  How strong does our worship life remain when nurtured but such a varied and tasty menu.

Throughout the Jazz tradition, St Peter’s has played host to and been inspired by some remarkably talented and faith-filled musicians.  We thank all who have contributed to this annual liturgy for these 30 years of  July’s.


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