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Consecration Sunday

Sunday, November 15, 2015, 10:00 am

One Service 10:00 am

Come aboard with us for this year’s Consecration Sunday on November 15! It will be celebrated with one service at 10:00 a.m. The nautical theme will run through liturgy, readings and hymns. Our stewardship speakers are Jennifer Bodolus and Paul Staudt.  We have enjoyed the input and inspiration of our own people in recent years, and I am personally looking forward to their message.

              What is our goal on stewardship Sunday? Our team is hoping and praying for 100 pledges from St. Peter’s people. Consecration Sunday is an annual drive to encourage giving for the following budget year and an attempt to make an educated guess about what type of revenue we can count on as we prepare our budget. If you have never made a pledge, please consider it. Pledge cards will be distributed on Nov 15. Here are some ideas for a pledge:


Moses’ Basket  $10 per week

Noah’s Ark  Noah’s Ark  $25 per week

Paul’s Missionary Ship  $50 per week

Jesus’ Teaching Boat  $100 or more per week

St. Peter’s Navigators  __ per week  __ per month

(any amount you decide)

-Pastor Andreas Wagner and the St. Peter’s

Stewardship Team: Peg Mc Connell, Sharon Skrzat, Ginny Bailey, Lee Heist


After church, come on deck for tapas: 

Seafood Station; Asian Spring Rolls; Hawaiian Pizza,

Quiches; Salad Bar; Mac& Cheese 


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