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Summer Worship Service

Sunday, August 13, 2017, 9:30 am

Guest speaker from Lutheran Charities

This Sunday we welcome a special guest, Barbara Stechert from Lutheran Charities. Lutheran Charities has an annual Community Day and Steeplechase Fundraiser that benefits the various social ministries in our area, including the Lutheran Settlement House in Philadelphia, Silver Springs, the Artman Home, etc. This year, I want to encourage our church to support the event. I will be one of the Steeplechase bikers myself and I am sure we can find a few more bikers that we can recruit and sponsor. Each biker tries to raise a certain amount of money that goes to the charities. This year’s event is on the morning of October 14 in Green Lane, but you will hear much more about it on Sunday in Barbara’s Temple Talk.  We are welcoming Kirsten Olson as our guest organist and Sarah Wagner as soloist.

Pastor Andreas Wagner

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