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Dedication of the Baptismal Garden

Sunday, October 15, 2017, 9:30 am

Between Sunday Services

Today, between services, we will dedicate the St. Peter’s Baptismal Garden. The beautiful landscaping/hardscaping work was done by Mr. Rob Hine from Oaks, PA. The benches were installed by our Thursday gang this past Wednesday. The garden was sponsored in memory of Allen Kanter by his family. We are grateful for this wonderful and meaningful gift. This garden will serve two main purposes: as a reminder of baptism in the formation of our people’s faith; and as a place where we can perform public baptisms during the warm season. You will see the beautiful shell-shaped bowl we purchased for that purpose.

For the engraving of the names of those baptized here at St. Peter’s: we have been unable to secure an offer with the conditions we hoped for. So, at this point, pavers inscribed with the name (no middle name) and baptism date will cost $75 per person/paver. It applies to anyone who has been baptized at this church. There  will be a sign-up sheet now at church for the name of the person, the Baptism date (which we can also look up, of course), and the paver sponsor. We will then contact people to make sure the spelling of the name is correct. Checks should be earmarked “Baptismal Paver.” Please know, the engraving work will most likely get done in early spring of next year and not before. It would be nice to have them for Easter, wouldn’t it?       


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