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B.A.S.I.C. Gathering

Friday, February 23, 2018, 7:00 pm

"The World Will Be Saved by Beauty"

You can now sign up for our next B.A.S.I.C. Session on Friday, February 23 at the home of John and Rebecca Ledder, Jolly Road, 7:00 p.m. We will explore the life and work of Dorothy Day, who is often described as a present  day saint. Dorothy Day was the founder of the Catholic Worker Movement and was one of the most influential American women of the 20th century, fighting for Social Justice and devoting her life to ease the plight of the poor. She discovered her faith as a young adult. Her life was rooted in prayer. The session is called, “The World will be saved by Beauty,” which is also the title of the biography written by her granddaughter, Karen Hennessy.   


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