Family Faith Formation

Our Vision

This ministry seeks to affirm the family as a place where faith is taught, practiced and modeled and encourages more spiritual growth for both parents and children.


We found that for many of our parents it's not easy to talk about faith or to consistently incorporate spiritual rituals in their family life. This can be due to many different factors. We believe that rituals, such as table or night prayers, the occasional reading of a Bible story, conversations "about God and the world" and other such things are crucial building blocks in the spiritual development of children. Our team tries to encourage that and gives parents real hands-on help.

Right now the team consists of our Pastor (who has three school age children), and Jennifer Bodolus, Director of Family Faith Formation. Brian Brenfleck and Robin Alderfer work with our youth ministry.

Our mantra for the super busy, overbooked families of our time: "Less is more." Try to do a few little things and do them pretty consistently!

What We Do

First of all, our team prays for families and their children. We are serving about 30 families who have children anywhere from cradle to 6th grade. We pray for their general and special needs and also send baptism cards when the children have a baptism anniversary. We encourage parents to light their child's baptism candle on that day and make it a special occasion. Our team also offers special events from time to time, but not too often, due to our mantra (less is more).

We plan many wonderful family afternoons with a spiritual lesson for the parents, crafts and games, food and lots of fun. In between, parents will get the occasional email with a prayer, suggestions or food for thought in terms of faith at home. We also have a small resource area in our church parlor with books and resources designated for parents or anyone who wants or needs them. You can take them home and bring the back when you don’t need them anymore.

Beyond the fun-value of these events, it’s important for all of us to remember that they sow seeds in the hearts of kids AND adults alike. The values and spiritual lessons we teach in our programs aid faith development, a sense of compassion, curiosity about God, fellowship and friendship, sharing, and FUN! Each week is an adventure as kids and adults grow in their love of the Lord. Please download our Family Faith Formation brochure here for a list of upcoming events.

Support and Resources

Below are some websites that we want to share for support and resources. Not all the content on these websites may reflect our teachings, but all these websites have some "good stuff" for families.

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