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"Katie and I moved to the area in 2012 with two very young kids. While we both had a very strong faith in God, we had an important decision to make. Katie was raised Roman Catholic and I was raised Conservative Baptist – thus, we had differing experiences on the look and feel of a “traditional” service.  We were looking for a church that was a “light” to our families and our community (Matthew 5:15-16). St. Peter’s is very active in the areas of Social, Family, and Youth Ministries with Habitat for Humanity, Manna on Main Street, Laurel House, and Mission Trips… just to name a few. Church Leadership is also very strong and Pastor Wagner is a man of solid integrity and strong focus.  Truly happy and successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. If you are seeking the same, you’ll find a good church home in St. Peter’s. Even though Katie and I were raised in different denominations, our family (now with three kids) found a church that has the best qualities we were seeking."

~ Paul Staudt

“St. Peter’s has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. This makes it so easy to get involved in and feel a part of the various service projects and church activities. I love being able to raise my family in such a compassionate environment.”
~ The Henderson Family

“While I felt at home from the first cheerful hello, I wasn't completely sold until I heard the wonderful sermon. Week after week, I keep waiting to find the flaws, but so far I am still enchanted. For just over a year now my connection to St. Peter’s has enriched my life, my faith, and my sense of joy.”
~ Andrea Greyson

“When I moved to North Wales and was looking for a new church I had planned to attend services at a few churches to see where I felt the most comfortable and called to. After my first visit to St. Peter’s I realized this was where I was meant to be. Pastor Wagner’s sermons are truly helping me to strengthen my faith and I really enjoy the variety of music that is performed during the church services. The congregation does so many different activities too. It seems like there is something for everyone to be a part of no matter what you like to do or what your talents are.  There are also a variety of devotional activities such as Adult Forum and B.A.S.I.C. programs which I have attended and gained so much from. I felt so welcomed from the very beginning. Being a member here has truly lifted me up."

~ Maryann Gerhart-Marcoux

“My children are the fifth generation to become members of St. Peter’s, we have been attending St. Peter’s for several years becoming official members last year. From the first day that we came to St. Peter’s we have felt welcomed by everyone. I have made many lifetime friends and my children have as well with the wonderful youth. Their lives have been enriched by experiences like confirmation and mission trips.”
~ Mari Duffy

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