Sunday, June 14

Good morning, dear church,

We are celebrating this second Sunday after Pentecost with our youth and graduation students. Several of them participated in our recording yesterday:  Ethan and Carson B., Sarah N., and Tyler T. (North Penn High grads), Sam W. (Wissahickon High), as well as Zach B. and Jaiden M. from this year’s confirmation “graduates.” The recording includes a reflection by adult youth leader James M. on Genesis 1. It also features music and songs by Ben C. (trumpet), the Flanagan girls (including mom), Lili S., Kenny G., and Emily R. The opening prelude and picture show features all St. Peter’s graduates that we received pictures from. I hope you get to enjoy both the service (it is already posted) and also the great outdoors today. It is a beautiful day here in North Wales.

I would like to thank Brian B. for his wonderful work producing our recordings. We are looking to expand our tech team to put the work on more shoulders. Safe travels today, Brenfleck family!   

We congratulate Nancy S. and Lilia M. who are celebrating birthdays on June 14. Happy birthday, ladies!

This coming week, you will get some more information about re-opening church on a limited basis, as well as many more updates and pictures via Steeple Views.

Be safe and be well, and please don’t forget to support your church during these times.


Pastor Andreas Wagner

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