Wednesday, June 10

Good morning, church!

The last week of school is wrapping up for most of our children. What are they going to do all summer long? It’s a question many parents are asking. So many summer camps have been cancelled, including the ones that usually take place at our church. Renee Erwin and Betsy Oeschger have been running art camps here for many years, two weeks of arts and crafts with up to 40 kids per camp toward the end of July and the beginning of August. Not this year! And so, parents have to become inventive. Walks in the park, maybe a trip to the beach as things open up, discovering indoor games, because you don’t want them to be on their devices all day long… maybe cooking or baking together… How are those parents going to get other work done? It’s going to be a different summer, and I can’t wait to hear how everyone manages. On nice summer nights like last night I often bike in our neighborhood, which has a few steep hills for good cardio-exercise. I frequently see and greet a young family with two children who came to our Vacation Bible School two years ago. I bet they have never taken this many walks together! One little thing that we are able to do is a “Children’s Hour” with Mrs. B., Jennifer Bodolus, our Director of Family Faith Formation. She is going to offer that every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m., starting tonight!  If you haven’t received the Zoom from her directly, please reach out to

Meet Bryan A. (picture).  He is one of the people who attended our virtual new member orientation a few weeks ago. Bryan was born in Hayward, California, and spent his youth there without a structured religious upbringing. As a young man, he joined the Air Force and served from 2003 until 2014, when he medically retired for some shoulder problems. Bryan has two children from a previous marriage, which also brought him to Pennsylvania because his wife’s father was living here and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. So, the family moved. He has brought Blake (5) and Acyn (4) to church a few times.  How did he come to St. Peter’s. Let’s say, attending and joining a church wasn’t on his bucket list. He got introduced to the church by his girlfriend and companion Eve P. It was a new experience for him, and he has told me several times how much he felt welcomed and comfortable and how he thought the people were authentic.  Bryan recently participated in a virtual Adult Faith Class, which was also a preparation for Baptism. He will be baptized in a small circle of friends and supporters outside in our Baptismal Garden after the re-opening.  It has been a journey for him, but also a journey for us.  I enjoy the question he brings to the table and his life experience, with cracks and all. Bryan is also part of the Stephen Ministry Training Class which is still on hold. The training also helps him to understand the Christian faith more deeply.  I hope you will be able to meet him in the not too distant future if you haven’t already.               

Please do not forget that we are resuming our weekly food drive today!  Every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. you can bring food donations for Manna on Main Street. It usually goes directly on Lisa’s truck or the truck of another volunteer. There are always signs that you can’t miss.

Join us for tomorrow’s noon Bible Study via Zoom. We will tackle the 5th chapter of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. See material attached. Here is the invitation:

This week, we are preparing for a big celebration of our graduates and involvement of our youth ministry in the service recording. I also would like to mention that Sunday (June 14) will be Lilia M. 13th birthday. I have asked you to pray for Lilia before.

Please also pray for Anita B!  Anita is the leader of our Prayer Team, which will be meeting tonight via Zoom.  She has dealt with chronic pain and health issues herself for quite some time. I don’t know exactly how to describe her condition, but it has to do with her blood vessels, and she has had several procedures done to stop the progression of the disease. She is one of the many people in our congregation who is always thinking about others. But she could use a prayer lift today!  

As always, be blessed and be safe!

Pastor Andreas Wagner

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