Sunday, June 28

Good morning church!

Another popular birthday at St. Peter’s. Today Cindy M., Mia W., and Noah S. are celebrating. Happy birthday to you all! I also wanted to mention another birthday that I wasn’t aware of. Yesterday was the birthday of Jenny W. (2 years!), see the screenshot of her mom’s message with a wonderful picture. I Wonder whether Ms. Wunder still recognizes her pastor because when I saw her licking ice cream last Sunday she acted like I was a stranger. Ah, this pandemic! But these times also have some good sides. One of them is that our online directory and our birthday list are constantly updated as I discover more people who were missing on the birthday list and more phone numbers that have changed. Which also means: let us know when your contact information changes, so we can do it right away! Another advantage of this pandemic for you is that my sermons are consistently shorter. At least for now that’s our new normal because shorter messages flow better in a virtual service.    

This morning we celebrate a Sunday service with hand bells played by a selection of bell ringers from our church. We thank all musicians who are so willing to participate in these services and enrich them with their gifts. It would not be the same without you!

Next week we will begin with our outdoor services (9:30 a.m., bring your own chair). We will of course continue the recordings so people can enjoy church services from the safety of their own homes (Website; Facebook Page). I also want to reiterate that Lisa Miller is now accepting photos of your pets (just one per pet) for the July 19 “Blessing of the Pets” service. Please send them to her no later than July 12. Your entire staff and your council thanks you for your faithfulness!

Be safe and be well, and please don’t forget to support your church during these times.

Pastor Andreas Wagner