Thursday, May 21

Good morning, dear people!

It is still cool-ish here in our neighborhood. We have turned the heat off, but in the mornings there is a certain chill in the air – that coming from a person who is too warm most of the time! Despite the chill, people all around us are getting very creative these days. I just read the instructions for the Wissahickon High School graduation car parade, two or three pages of instructions for the first of its kind event. The school had to become creative, the police are involved, and several local churches and businesses offer their parking lots for spectators to view the “spectacle.” I have one graduate in this year’s class. Sam, after all that he’s been through over the last three-plus years, will finish high school with his regular class. That is no small miracle, just like the fact that he is walking again and taking some shots on the basketball hoop. Last year around this time he was mostly in bed. Last fall he could only “walk” from the car to the school by leaning heavily on my shoulders to get his scooter from the Nurse’s office. Thank God he is on the mend! And thank you all for your prayers. Many of you have told me, “I am praying for him every day!” Thank you all! For all others who are looking forward to creative graduation ceremonies this year, please don’t forget to send a picture of your graduate to Jenn Bodolus ( We are planning to involve several of the graduates in our service recording for June 14 and we will put together another picture show for that Sunday as well.

Yes, we are getting very creative around here. You will find special touches for every Sunday service that we record. Yesterday, I spoke to Pastor Charles Quann from Bethlehem Baptist Church, the largest (mostly) African-American church in our area. I was wondering how they are coping. The presence and power of choirs is so incredibly important in the black church. Yet, singing in close proximity, singing in larger groups is strictly verboten these days and considered risky behavior, as we are still in the grip of this virus.  As expected, it’s not an easy for Pastor Quann and his large flock, and we will include them in our prayers this Sunday. But since we are all becoming VERY CREATIVE, I asked him whether he would participate in one of our recordings, and not surprisingly, he said yes! So we will probably feature a Sunday in July with Pastor Quann and a recording of his huge African-American choir, the recording coming from the ancient times of B.C. (before  Corona Virus).  I will start adding brief descriptions to the services we are planning in my calendar at the end of each email. We will be VERY CREATIVE!

Meet Ashley and Kevin D. (see attached picture). They participated in our virtual new member orientation on May 9. Kevin grew up at St. Peter’s, and his two adult children Kevin Jr. and Keira were both confirmed here. Since he had been inactive for a while, Kevin decided to attend the orientation together with his second wife Ashley. They got married last year (I believe it was last year) and now have a cute little baby, named Charles Lawrence D. The family includes Dominic, Ashley’s son from a previous relationship. Dominic is eight years old, and we have enjoyed his presence at our Spark sessions. Kevin works for the North Penn School District in the Maintenance Department but spent much of his time on baby duty at home during the school closings. Ashley is as essential as a worker as they come. She is a nurse working at one of the local hospitals, and she is extremely careful when she comes home from work. We want to welcome Kevin, Ashley, Dominic and baby Charles into our community!  A Baptism had been scheduled for baby Charles earlier this month. We hope that we can do it in a small family setting outside in our Baptismal Garden when the restrictions are lifted in the not too distant future.

Today, I ask your prayers for Diane Z., one of our Stephen Ministers. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and initially asked me not to “make a big deal out of it,” in typical Diane fashion. In fact, she described her “little problem” as no more than a toothache. It was a little bit tougher than a toothache, it tuned out, but she is doing well and taking an oral chemo drug as a precaution after having had surgery earlier this year. Please say an extra prayer for her today. She does so much for other people. And yes, she graciously gave me permission to let you know and invite your prayers. Thanks, Diane! Blessings and healing to you!     

Later today is our weekly Bible Study, always on Thursdays at noon.  Everybody is welcome to join us.

I would like to promote the beginning of our online Children’s Hour with Mrs. B., every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. The Children Hour will start on June 7. We encourage our families with young children to take advantage of this interactive program and to tell your neighbors with children about it.    

Also, please don’t forget the Red Cross Blood Drive on June 8. Specific precautions are being taken and have been described in recent emails. TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, PLEASE GO TO WWW.REDCROSS.ORG, ENTER SPONSOR CODE St. Peters North Wales.

Today are the birthdays of Erica W., Eun Y., and Karin W. Happy birthday!!! 

Today is also the Baptism Day of Hailey H. Happy Baptism Day!

As always, be blessed and be safe!

Pastor Andreas Wagner