Saturday, May 23

Good morning church,

I am going to keep it relatively short this morning. It’s raining here in North Wales, a nice soaking rain that waters the earth and saves me the job of having to get the hose out today. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes enjoy these rainy days on holiday weekends. They give you permission to read and take it easy, and I have been reading more and more about the life of one of my favorite (unofficial) modern day saints, Dorothy Day in recent weeks. I hope you too have things to enjoy besides doing laundry and taking care of family and house. Our dog incidentally hates water. If it’s raining she doesn’t even bother to look up from her cushion, unless she really has to go. When I get the hose out for a garden soaking, she will disappear as far into the yard  as possible, lest her pretty coat gets wet. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog with beautiful black, white and brown markings. I told her about our Blessing of the Pets Sunday (July 19), and she is fully on board. You know, she thinks she is the prettiest dog, but I am sure you will argue with her about that. Or not? Attached see Winter with my dad in October of 2018.

We are preparing a huge community-wide food drive for next weekend and Robin told me that she could use a few more hands. “More hands make lighter work,” she said. So, If you can help out with the processing of donations next weekend on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please contact her. Robin has already placed fliers in various area grocery stores.  People at church have picked up fliers also given us a number of boxes for storage. Thank you all! I recently talked to the fire chief in North Wales and he is on board promoting this drive amongst his people. The whole purpose of this drive is to engage as many people in our neighborhoods as possible. Participating churches and donation sites next weekend: St. Rose, S. Peter’s, Sanctuary, Messiah, and Gwynedd Friends. We hope to give our various local food banks a big boost of food donations. Because we are focusing on that next week, there won’t be the usual Wednesday collection…

If you are wondering about re-opening scenarios, our council is finalizing a re-opening document that will apply once we are moving out of the dreaded red phase here in Montgomery County. I will send that to all of you after our June 1 council meeting, along with an invitation to a survey. It’s hard to know how people feel and what their comfort levels are these days and that survey will help us… I am going to host another church social this Sunday at 11:00 a.m., on an opportunity to see one another and also to ask questions and things like that. Come and join us!  Also, expect some special treats for our Choir Sunday church recording. More about that tomorrow morning!

Today, please keep Dave G. in your prayers. He was recently featured as one of our homebound members. He is at the Abramson Center right now, rehabbing from several falls, and it’s not an easy time, separated as he is from his wife and loved ones.  

I would like to promote the beginning of our online Children’s Hour with Mrs. B., every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. The Children Hour will start on June 7. We encourage our families with young children to take advantage of this interactive program and to tell your neighbors with children about it.    

Also, please don’t forget the Red Cross Blood Drive on June 8. Specific precautions are being taken and have been described in recent emails. For more questions, reach Diana at Drive Details: Date: June 8th, Times:  2 – 7 PM; Your Contact: Diana Sundar.


As always, be blessed and be safe! Pastor Andreas Wagner