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Worship Services

Sunday at 10:00 am

Calendar of Events


Nov 24: AA Meeting, 12:00 pm
Nov 25: Weekly food collection, 9 am - 1 pm
Nov 25: Bible Study, Colossians 1, 12:00 pm (Z)
Nov 25: Wissahickon Faith Community, 1:00 pm (Z)
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Service, pre-recorded by our Confirmation Class
Nov 29: First Sunday in Advent: Worship Service:  "On Edge," 10 am
Dec 6: Second Sunday in Advent:  Live Stream Service: "Comfort," 10 am
Dec 13: Third Sunday in Advent: Live Stream Service: "Spirit Meets Flesh," 10 am
Dec 20: Fourth Sunday in Advent:  Live Stream Service: "Behold," 10 am

Dec 24: Pre-Recorded Virtual Christmas Eve Service
Dec 24: Pre-Recorded Virtual Children's Christmas Pagent
Dec 24: Christmas Eve In the Park, weather permitting, 4:30 pm

Dec 27: Pre-Recorded Service, "Jesus, Mary, & Joe"
Jan 3: Live Stream Service, "A Prayer for 2021," 10 am
Jan 10: Live Stream Service, "Order Out of Chaos," 10 am



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Highlights & Events

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Family Faith Ministry

Growing programs for families and youth

Vibrant Music Program

St. Peter's Music Ministry is a very active and vibrant part of our church life and we participate in Sunday morning services to enrich and enliven our meaningful worship. 

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