What We Believe

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church has been an integral part of life in the North Wales Community since 1776. Although centuries and generations have passed into history since then, this congregation's commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ remains the bedrock upon which our congregation's ministry to the local community and wider world is built.

Part of St. Peter’s history and legacy is a strong commitment to social ministry, which is perpetuated through many initiatives and the charitable contributions of our Thrift Store. The church has embraced the emergence of new technology, communication, and creative worship to follow the pioneer spirit of our founders.

St. Peter's is a member of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and a member of the Lutheran World Federation.  


St. Peter's mission is to:  
Invite all people to know, live and share Jesus Christ

Lutherans of the ELCA:

As Christians of the Lutheran denomination, we consider the Bible our Book of Faith, and we honor the historical documents of our Lutheran tradition, but we also believe that every generation must find their own language to express what it means to be a Christian. This is what it is for us in ten short statements…


  • We believe in a God who is bigger than our own comprehension and imagination. We value the mystery of the divine trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • As human beings we are in awe of the created world. We see ourselves as part of God’s creation. All life is interdependent, and stewardship of the earth is important to us.

  •  As Christians we pay special attention to the teachings of Jesus. The spiritual implications of his death and resurrection point to a path that leads us to wholeness, traditionally called salvation.

  •  As Lutherans we have a radical understanding of God’s grace. We believe that God’s infinite love does not exclude anyone.

  •  As an American church, we deeply appreciate the separation of church and state and the freedom of religious expression.

  •  As a local church, proudly part of a small town, we value community and partnership because God works mysteriously through all and in all.

  • Rooted in our Christian faith, we believe in the importance of inter-religious dialogue and collaboration with other religious or non-religious communities.

  • We have a special interest in justice and social justice because this theme runs like a red thread through the Bible.

  • Sacred music, poetry and art in its various expressions are gifts from God who speaks to us not only through spoken words.   


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