Life Events

We invite you to celebrate your life events at St. Peter’s in the presence of our community of faith. We consider Baptisms, Confirmation, Weddings, Renewal Ceremonies and Memorial/Funeral services as life events, marking special conjunctures in the lives of individuals and


Baptisms are celebrated as part of our regular Sunday worship services. Through baptism a person becomes part of the family of God, a member of the church and receiving God’s grace in a visible and tangible way through Water and the Word. Baptism is an important rite that initiates our Christian journey. We hope that many people will join us in discovering God’s way for our lives.

The congregation, which is both the baptizing Church and the receiving community, is always present. It is also important to us that at least one parent of an infant to be baptized is already a member of the church and prepared to bring the child to the house of God and the Christian Education programs. As the called and ordained minister of the congregation, the pastor presides at Baptism. The pastor’s function is that of acting on behalf of the assembled Church. 


Sponsors (or godparents) are Christian people who take responsibility for those to be baptized. Those who bring infants or young children for Baptism become accountable for their Christian nurture. Though parents and sponsors assume that responsibility directly, the entire congregation shares it. Pastoral counseling/ teaching with the parents of the child to be baptized is required prior to the baptism. Parents who are non-members and are requesting baptism for their child(ren) are expected to first become members or begin preparations for membership. They should be fully aware that as part of the liturgy, they will make promises to God, with the congregation’s witness and support, to bring their child(ren) to the services of God’s house. Photos during a baptism are limited to video recording. Otherwise, photography is to occur after the service.


12363171 10153848762858383 5088442472365117179 oSt. Peter’s has a beautiful, traditional sanctuary that dates back to the late 1860’s and is a wonderful site for weddings. In the Lutheran Church marriage is not considered a sacrament, but a blessing ceremony. While we are not “renting out” our church for weddings, we offer pastoral and wedding services for all couples who are interested in taking their vows here at church. This involves a number of counseling and planning sessions with the pastor in conversational style. The process is open for all couples desiring to get married, including those of the same gender and people who were previously married.